Our company, Shinko Bussan Co. Ltd., was established in 1965 and has been
concentrating on export and import business, especially in the field of construction
machineries and equipments, automobile parts and engines, motorcycles, agricultural
products and seeds, textile and general merchandise. We have always striving to
keep our reputation and integrity during the past 40 years for our customers in
overseas markets which are more than 40 countries. We believe we can assist your
buisiness widely, not only for single item but also combined with other equipments
according to your market requirements.
Our company motto is "Innovation,Creativity and Warm Heart" which we believe is
indispensable for all international business people and will ultimately lead to the
economic development for all over the world.

Company Name and Address
Shinko Bussan Co.,Ltd.

E-mail : sbc@muh.biglobe.ne.jp

Shinko Bussan Co.,Ltd. Business Trade Center
Tel : +81-78-975-5521
Fax : +81-78-975-2414

Establishment and Capital
Establishment : 1965   Capital : JP \ 10,000,000

Member of Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Member of Foreigen Trade association

Export Handling Items(Japanese Origin) :
Construction Field

*Hydraulic Excavator, Bulldozer, Wheel Loader,
 Road Roller, Dump Truck, Crawler, Truck,
 Rough Terrain Crane, ets

*Electrical Generator, Compressor, Welder

*Forklift, Agricultural Tractor and other equipments

*Motorcycle, Outboad Engine,
 Used Car Engine and Parts